Cristal Pro®

Cryolipolysis procedure advantages in Holy Land

Local destruction of fat deposits in the desired area

Non-invasive intervention

Possibility to treat 4 zones simultaneously

Suitable for both body and face

Built-in ultrasound scanner for precise treatment

No long recovery time required

Neither diet nor exercise can lead to local “slimming”, as the body loses weight uniformly over the entire surface. This is why the procedure of localized fat removal has become so popular. The most frequent requests among patients are non-invasiveness, painlessness of the procedure, which does not require social isolation and provides fast visible results.

CRISTAL Pro® from the French company Deleo satisfies all these requests by offering a comprehensive, customized solution.

Do you need more information?

What is Cryolipolysis

The principle behind Cryolipolysis is to remove fat cells (adipocytes) by inducing cell death (apoptosis) through the use of intense cold combined with a vacuum to hold the fat fold in the applicator cup.

Intense cold causes crystallization of adipocytes (rich in saturated fatty acids and highly sensitive to cold), while suction causes ischemia in the treated area.

This “local” stress is perceived by adipocytes as a physical and mechanical signal translated into a chemical signal of cell death. The content of lipids is released, dead cells are gradually removed through the lymphatic system, so the cellular density of fat deposits drops in the treated area.

Medical Cryolipolysis reduces the number of fat cells in the treated area of the body by 20-30%.

Benefits of Cryolipolysis with Cristal Pro®

In just one session, you can model your entire body or facial area:

Dream of a flat tummy: simultaneous treatment of the sides, upper and lower abdominal area

Thigh reduction: treatment of the inner and outer thighs in one session!

Redesign of facial contours: treatment of double chin and jaw line.

How Cristal Pro® works

Fat Crease Measurement.

Your doctor takes your measurements on the area you want to treat.
This measurement is taken with a measuring tape and will confirm that you have an indication for this procedure.

Applying a cryoprotective gel pad.

The doctor applies a tissue soaked in cryoprotective gel to the entire area to be treated. This will protect your skin from the cold for the duration of the session.

Positioning the applicator and starting the session.

The applicator is positioned by the doctor. By suction, the fat mass is placed into the applicator and the cooling process begins. The cooling period lasts about 60 minutes. During this time you will have the opportunity to relax and rest.
At the beginning of the session, you may feel a tugging sensation and tingling of the skin as you place the applicator. After 5 minutes, your skin will be anesthetized with cold and you will no longer feel any discomfort.

End of session.

After 60 minutes, the machine stops. The specialist removes the applicator and massages the treated area. The massage awakens and activates movement in the anesthetized area and breaks down the fat cells that are still frozen.

Results show.

Destroyed fat cells are naturally eliminated after 8 weeks through lymphatic drainage of your body. Two months after your session, your doctor will take measurements and photos to evaluate the results. Depending on the area and size of the area treated, sometimes a second session is needed to get the desired results.