Laser Eyelid Lift

Laser Blepharoplasty FOTONA SMOOTHEYE®

A drooping eyelid and a net of fine lines and wrinkles in the periorbital area is, alas, a problem, familiar not only to those over middle age. Often, young boys and girls find themselves with this defect. However, most hesitate to ask a plastic surgeon’s services for obvious reasons (fear of being put under anesthesia, scars, etc.). While conservative methods are often ineffective.

At HOLY LAND Clinic we are pleased to present an alternative solution – non-invasive SMOOTHEYE® procedure. SMOOTHEYE® is a new non-ablative FOTONA laser system procedure for pronounced rejuvenation of the upper third of the face and reducing the appearance of periorbital wrinkles. SMOOTHEYE® significantly lifts droopy eyelid and sagging periorbital skin with minimal recovery time and maximum comfort for the patient, making this non-invasive cosmetic procedure highly sought after.

How is the eyelid lift performed?

FOTONA SMOOTHEYE® uses a revolutionary patented technology to reconstruct the skin of the upper and lower eyelids, as well as the entire periocular area. The combined use of neodymium and erbium laser radiation, operating in four different modes, allows achieving a stunning rejuvenating effect. All four stages are consistently applied in a single procedure. The therapy is very well tolerated by patients, with no discomfort.
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Stage 1 – Intraocular Fractional Eyelid Treatment

The specialist works with the patented FOTONA SMOOTH® mode. This uses non-ablative Er:YAG erbium beam energy and treats the mucosa of the conjunctiva. Special protective caps on the eyeballs (intraocular protection) are used for the procedure. The target tissue of the first stage is the subcutaneous fatty tissue. The main objective is to achieve reduction of fat herniation and rejuvenate the deepest layers of the skin. The result of work at this stage is the tightened skin in the area of the lower and upper eyelid, reduction of bags under the eyes and pushing wrinkles out.

The process is absolutely painless. The patient only feels the heat.

Stage 2 – patented PIANO® mode

The result of the laser action in the second stage is comparable to the effect of biorevitalization. The unique ultra-long pulse mode of the neodymium Nd:YAG laser allows for uniform homogeneous heating of facial tissues. Dermal cells literally experience a heat shock, which is implemented in the synthesis of new collagen and elastin. There is a restructuring of the skin matrix and its deep moisturizing from within. In this case the neodymium beam is very gentle to the upper layers of the skin and, without affecting them, passes the required amount of heat immediately deep inside.

Stage 3 – SMOOTH® rejuvenation mode on the outside of the eyelids.

This stage is a controlled heating of the tissues on the outer side of the eyelids. It uses energy from an erbium laser in non-ablative fractionated mode. Under the influence of the beam, the stretched collagen fibers shrink, which provides visible results immediately after the procedure. However, more importantly, it launches neocollagenesis, which is implemented through an increase in tone and tissue turgor, smoothing wrinkles for at least another month after the session. In addition, this mode provides a beneficial effect on the capillaries and vessels, restores intercellular connections, and stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid.

Stage 4 – skin polishing in SUPERFICIAL® mode

It is a patented technique of physical “cold” peeling of eye skin, which allows for a significant lightening, evening out the tone, smoothing wrinkles, providing freshness and radiance to the skin around eyes by removing the dull dead keratinous layer of epidermis.

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How many procedures are required for a pronounced and lasting result?

SMOOTHEYE laser blepharoplasty is a procedure that should be made in a course. The optimal number of monthly sessions is four. This is because about 30% of all fibroblasts responsible for the synthesis of new collagen and elastin are exposed during one session. During the second visit, approximately 50-55% of all fibroblasts become active. The third session yields up to 70% of active fibroblasts. And the fourth session completes and brings the desired result closer. Thus, in exactly 4 sessions it is possible to activate almost every cell of the dermis.

Is there a rehabilitation period?

First, it should be noted that the procedure is delicate and painless. The recovery period after each procedure is no more than 48 hours. During this time, the skin at the site of the procedure will be slightly red, just as after a long stay in the sun.

Are there any seasonal limitations?

There are no seasonal limitations, the procedure can be performed all year round. And this procedure combines perfectly with other cosmetic services.