Site Terms of Use


The term “Site” means this site with the domain name,the owner of which is S.C.S & G ELIT S.R.L. company

The term “User” means any individual or legal entity viewing this Site, materials and information posted on the Site, as well as a person who purchases products on the Site and provides his personal information for this purpose.

The term “Policy” means this Site Use Policy and other legal information


Purpose of the agreement

The purpose of this agreement is: to maintain harmonious and mutually beneficial relations between the website and the Users, as well as to establish the rules and conditions for this partnership, including general terms of work, financial nuances, confidentiality provisions, etc.

Payment processing services

Payment processing services are provided by „Paynet Services” SRL ( and are subject to the rules set out in this document. The company may also offer services of a different nature, governed by a different set of rules. provides services only to persons who have reached the age of 18, or another age, which ensures the legal force of the signature of the contract.

Communication with

The provision of products includes communication with the User: receiving messages, notifications, administrative and information letters. This communication is understood to play an important role in the provision of services and products.

However, according to our privacy policy, we reserve the right for the User to refuse to receive emails from the Company. It should be taken into account that such a refusal may lead to a decrease in the effectiveness of the services provided.


User rights

  • Contact the support service of the Site with questions, claims, wishes for improving the work of the Site, Personal Account, or with other information regarding the site or service;
  • Require the Company to ensure the safety of the User’s personal data, not to disclose personal information to third parties, except for cases when it is impossible to provide high-quality Services to this User without disclosing information, as well as in cases of need provided for by the current legislation;
  • Receive promptly notifications of fraud and join forces with the Company to prevent such actions.

User obligations

  • The user fully and unconditionally accepts all the Site Terms of Use set out on this page;
  • The user agrees that the confidentiality of data transmitted over the Internet is not guaranteed. In the event that access to this data is obtained by third parties outside the zone of technical means of communication subject to, the Site Administration is not responsible for damage caused by the above method;
  • When making a purchase on the Site, the User undertakes to provide accurate and detailed information about himself, as well as accurate contact information;
  • When using the Site, the User undertakes to enter only those data that correspond to reality and do not contradict current legislation. Otherwise, the Company has the right to deny the User the opportunity to purchase products on the Site;
  • The User undertakes to fulfill all the requirements of the Company to ensure the functionality and security of the Site;
  • The user undertakes to make sure that there is no malicious software on his computer. The company is not responsible for any damage caused otherwise;
  • The user undertakes not to violate the safety rules and privacy policy of the Site;
  • The user undertakes to notify about any changes in his personal data.
  • The user undertakes not to use access to the Site to commit illegal actions
  • The user undertakes to comply with all clauses of the agreement with Violation of this agreement imposes responsibility for the damage caused on the User.

Rights of

  • has the right, independently or with the help of third parties, to make changes to the Site, to sections of the Site, as well as to this agreement;
  • has the right to require the User to comply with the rules for working with the Site, as well as the security conditions and other provisions set forth in this document;
  • has the right to take any action aimed at observing the rules of cooperation and the safe operation of the Site;
  • has the right at any time to carry out planned technical work and emergency work to maintain the functioning of the Site;

Obligations of

By accepting these conditions, the User agrees to transfer his personal data to „Paynet Services” SRL (, which is the operator of personal data processing for the purpose of making cashless payments for the products provided by

Ensure the security and functionality of the Site, within the scope of its capabilities.

Ensure the safety of the User’s data from loss, disclosure and unauthorized access to data by third parties, implementation of limited access and control of access to data for authorized employees of

Liability of

The Company is under no circumstances responsible for damage caused to the User, which may arise in the process or as a result of using the Site, as well as in the absence of the possibility of using it. is under no circumstances responsible for direct or indirect damage, or lost profits of the User or third parties. is under no circumstances responsible for damage caused to the User as a result of illegal actions by third parties. under no circumstances shall be liable for damage caused to the User as a result of the action of malicious programs in the hardware or software, as well as in view of incorrect filling of the details and violation of the terms of cooperation. under no circumstances guarantees the functional operation of the Site in the course of force majeure circumstances and due to unforeseen situations.

This Site may contain links to other websites created and maintained by third parties, including partners of, however, is not responsible for these sites. When the User clicks on any link to third-party websites, is not responsible for the actions of third-party sites in relation to the protection and storage of the User’s information on the aforementioned websites. under no circumstances shall be liable for failures, errors and malfunctions in the operation of software or hardware used in the operation of the Site, which are caused by reasons beyond the control of, as well as for damage that was subsequently caused to the User.

Other legal information

Copyright and trademarks

All rights reserved:

  • reserves the copyright for the design of pages and sections of the Site, as well as for texts and information. All materials on this Site are owned by, unless otherwise stated. Viewing, copying, printing and distributing materials from this Site is permitted only under the conditions set forth below:
  • The User does not have the right to make any changes to the materials that the User prints or downloads from this Site, including skipping points, removing any identification marks or designations from the materials of this site;
  • it is allowed to use the materials for informational purposes only;
  • Site materials can be displayed, distributed, published only after obtaining written permission from;
  • any copy of materials or their fragments must contain a copyright notice;
  • names, marks, logos, design forms, as well as titles, phrases and expressions posted on this Site are trademarks owned by or third parties used with their consent Such trademarks may be identified by the appropriate trademark symbol: ®, TM or similar mark indicating the ownership of Any unauthorized download, distribution and other copying and / or alteration of trademarks and / or these materials may violate applicable laws, trademark and / or copyright laws, and may result in legal prosecution.

Limitation of use

  • In addition to other rules set forth in this code, the User is also obliged to:
  • Not to resell or otherwise distribute the services or products of to third parties;
  • Not provide services based on the Services without the prior written consent of the authorized representative of


Any questions, comments and requests, please send to the support of the Site at the email address: