ALPHA-COMPLEX Multi-fruit System line with fruit acids – renewal and tone correction of the skin


ALPHA-COMPLEX Multi-fruit System line is designed for easy and non-traumatic skin renewal. It is noteworthy, that the line is also suitable for pregnant women, who are often denied the use of acids.

If you use the line for a long time, you can notice radical changes, such as:

  • Narrowing of the pores, normalization of the sebaceous glands (it is especially evident for oily skin type);
  • Lightening of skin and pigment spots;
  • Removal of hyperkeratosis;
  • Improving skin tone, removing of surface wrinkles.

The line works perfectly as a pre-treatment for deeper peelings, that saves time for both the client and the cosmetologist, because no additional procedures are required to exfoliate dead cells.

ALPHA-COMPLEX CLEANSER – mild cleanser, is suitable for all skin types, removes excess fat, prevents peeling of the skin.
*The agent is not suitable for removing makeup.

ALPHA-COMPLEX FACE LOTION is a tonic lotion based on 5 acids.

ALPHA-COMPLEX RAPID EXFOLIATOR – surface chemical peeling.

ALPHA-COMPLEX DAY DEFENSE CREAM (SPF 15) – a day moisture cream with the correction of skin texture and tone.

ALPHA-COMPLEX ACTIVE CREAM – active cream with fruit acids for evening use.

It is a line that is loved and appreciated for its effectiveness, naturalness and rich composition for any skin type. By buying only one product of ALPHA-COMPLEX Multi-fruit System line, you can fall in love once and for all with skin care cosmetics with an acid complex!