Biorevitalization at the Holy Land clinic


Each of us has once thought about how we will look in old age. If we will be mind-blowing and well-groomed, or we will cause others the desire to count the number of wrinkles on our face. Of course, it’s your choice. Modern cosmetology provides the huge range of procedures that will help anyone who wants to become the first option in old age. Unhealthy diet, lack of hydration, bad habits and stress are the things that surround each of us day by day. Those are the risk to beauty and youth. A cosmetologist comes to the rescue, who can advise the client on the magic procedure that returns not only a beautiful and well-groomed appearance, but also restores the deformation processes in the physiology of the skin.

Biorevitalization is an injection procedure and a great way to prolong youth and moisturize the skin «from the inside». Certified biorevitalizants can solve such problems as dry skin, «lifeless» color, the appearance of facial lines and deep wrinkles, pigment spots on the skin of the face and body, and simply skin aging prevention. The main ingredient of the biorevitalizant is hyaluronic acid.

– Why is hyaluronic acid the main ingredient? What is additionally included in the biorevitalizant?

– Hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide, one of the main components of skin youth. In other words, it is irreplaceable. Its main task is to maintain the water balance in the flesh. Among young people, fibroblasts produce acid in sufficient quantities due to their activity. However, after the age of 25, the quantity of hyaluronic acid producing by fibroblasts decreases and by the age of 30 the degree of elasticity and skin turgor are reduced. That is why the most common age of patients who want to return the former «fullness» of the skin is 30+ years. The biorevitalization procedure perfectly copes with the role of activator of the process of synthesis of collagen and elastin by fibroblasts, as well as its own hyaluronic acid. Since the biorevitalizant includes sodium hyaluronate, which presents in the body of every person, an allergic reaction or intolerance to the agent is excluded. In addition to hyaluronic acid, there are also components such as vitamins, microelements, amino acids that enhance the desired effect of the procedure.

– I’m very afraid of pain and injections. Can I replace biorevitalization with a cream with hyaluronic acid?

– This is the most common question asked that has a solution! Many creams and lotions that contain hyaluronic acid cannot penetrate deep into the dermis. Due to its multi-layer organization, the skin can not pass large molecules of cream directly into the dermis. This function is perfectly handled by injection cosmetology. The skin is punctured by 1-2 mm using a thin sterile needle, and the active biorevitalizant is introduced into the deep layers. The doctor makes a micro-papular technique of agent administration, which means a lot of micro-injections. For those who are terribly afraid of pain, there is great news – it is possible to use an anesthetic gel! The lack of skin sensitivity to pain will make the procedure more comfortable for the patient.

In addition to the usual injection technique, in modern cosmetology, there is a laser biorevitalization, which is performed using laserophoresis. Under the influence of low-frequency radiation, active substances are delivered to the deeper layer of the skin. However, all the details and methods of biorevitalization are discussed in consultation with a cosmetologist, who will help you find the most comfortable solution for the patient and effective for the result.

– Which is better: mesotherapy, or biorevitalization? What is the difference between these two procedures?

– Two very similar procedures with obvious differences. Everyone already has a common vision of them – two «queens» of the injecting cosmetology world. They are rightfully one of the most popular and requested procedures, ranging from 18 to 50+ years. After reading a huge number of articles on the Internet, clients can’t understand what they need in the end, because the procedures are almost identical.
Indeed, the method of administration of the agent is the same, but the difference lies in the composition of the mesopreparation and biorevitalizant, the manifestation of the effect and the range of problems to be solved. Biorevitalization – treatment with a solution of hyaluronic acid, the volume of which in the agent is from 1-3%. That is why the visible effect of biorevitalization appears much faster – the body is much «friendlier» to the component that has already synthesized in tissues. Biorevitalization helps with problems associated with loss of moisture and reduced skin elasticity, as well as photo-aging. The biorevitalization procedure can be started as early as 25-30 years, when there is a need for deeper hydration of the face and neck skin.

The mesotherapy procedure involves the introduction of a prepared mesotherapy cocktail into the skin, which includes a concentration of hyaluronic acid of only 0.5-1%. However, mesotherapy has a wider range of treatment problems (acne, pigmentation, hair loss and breakage, drooping and inelasticity of soft tissues, dryness and sensitivity of the skin). The composition of mesotherapy cocktail is more diverse. In addition to a small amount of hyaluronic acid, it can include: vitamins, minerals, phospholipids, plant and animal extracts, as well as organic acids. The mesotherapy procedure must be carried out in full, but the effect comes a little later than in the case of biorevitalization. Mesotherapy cocktail has a cumulative effect, which eventually provides long-term and lasting results.

Two similar but different procedures that have won the trust of our favorite patients. However, during the consultation, the cosmetologist will help you choose the procedure that will solve the problem.

– What are the contraindications of the biorevitalization procedure?

– Although biorevitalization is the safest procedure, there are a number of contraindications:

  • Acute or chronic illness in an area of the procedure;
  • Malignancies;
  • Pregnancy and lactation;
  • Diabetes.

The above contraindications are associated with a weakening of the body’s immune system. With the introduction of biorevitalizant is the opposition of antibodies and cells. In this regard, the procedure may not show its result, or incur complications.

– Does the Holy Land clinic provide a biorevitalization procedure?

– Yes, of course, the biorevitalization procedure is very popular in our clinic. We work only with high-quality and certified products that have earned the title of «leaders» among biorevitalization products. From the beginning of consultation with a cosmetologist to the appearance of the desired effect after the procedure, the patient feels full confidence in the correct decision to choose a clinic.

Care, passion and quality work – that’s what you can find at the Holy Land clinic.