Facial plasmotherapy or PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy at the Holy Land Clinic


– Is it possible to make a miracle agent without being a chemical technologist or cosmetologist that will improve the quality of my skin?

– If you have blood, Yes, of course you can!

The procedure that does not concede to mesotherapy or biorevitalization, but at the same time includes a substance found in the body of any person – plasmotherapy. At the heart of this excellent therapy is the treatment and correction of skin imperfections using its own liquid part of the blood – plasma. You, so to speak, are your own donor of substance rich in growth factors that is doing great with such phenomena as acne, scars, dermatitis, post-acne spots, photo- and chrono-aging.

– What does it mean, a self – donor?

– It is very easy! The plasmotherapy procedure is no more painful than taking blood for a general analysis. The only difference is that, later the blood is subjected to centrifugation and the introduction of separated plasma directly into the skin. Due to the plasma enriched with growth factors, there is a powerful skin cells renewal and enhanced synthesis of fibroblasts (those proteins that synthesize the well-known collagen and elastin). After the procedure, you can see increased elasticity and hydration of the skin, splendour, shrinking of the pores and normalization of the sebaceous glands. There is very good news for people suffering from seasonal dermatitis and deficiency disease, – thanks to this procedure, the skin’s immunity increases, which improves the body’s resistance to external and internal factors.

– Where else can you find this procedure?

– Plasmotherapy is also very popular in neurology. Thanks to auto-rejuvenation, it is possible to restore normal functioning of joints, cartilage cells, intra-articular fluid and bone tissue. Due to plasmotherapy in neurology, you can achieve such effects as relieving muscle spasm, strengthening them, increasing the volume of movements, thereby improving the quality of life.

– Who can’t do this procedure?

– This procedure, like all other injectables, has a number of contraindications. It is not recommended to perform plasma therapy for people suffering from:

  • Acute infectious diseases;
  • Blood disease;
  • Allergic reactions to anticoagulants;
  • Coagulation disorders.

– What is «PRGF plasmotherapy» and how does it differ from the usual one?

– PRGF (Plasma Rich in Growth Factors) plasmotherapy, or endoret plasmotherapy, is an updated procedure (since 1995) that already separates, concentrates and extracts regenerating proteins. The endoret procedure shows its advantages much faster than simple plasmotherapy, which makes it more popular. The Holy Land clinic also provides this advanced plasmotherapy procedure.

– What are the advantages of this procedure?

– The main advantage is complete biocompatibility, no allergic reaction and visible effect. The plasma substance containing growth factors, proteins (albumin, globulin and fibrinogen), minerals and vitamins perfectly manifests itself in internal skin syntheses that normalize the work of polypeptide bonds. Due to these syntheses, you can see an improvement in the quality of the skin of the face, reducing the appearance of facial wrinkles, acne, couperose, dryness, and even hair loss.

– How much blood is needed for the procedure and how is the plasma prepared?

– During this procedure, there is not only a cosmetologist, but also a highly qualified assistant nurse. It takes 20-40 ml of venous blood using vacuum tubes containing an anticoagulant. Next, the tubes are placed in a special centrifuge to further separate the active plasma from the rest of the blood. Then the active plasma is injected directly into the skin. To discuss the number of procedures and intervals between them, you need a full consultation with a cosmetologist.

– Why is plasmotherapy performed in the Holy Land aesthetic clinic?

– Because to reproduce this procedure, we have absolutely everything – from the centrifuge machine and a nurse, to the skilled hands of an experienced cosmetologist.

The highest quality of the Holy Land clinic and a favorable environment encourage you to improve and go only forward!