Enhanced rehabilitation at the Holy Land clinic


Today, any cosmetology clinic has a wide range of chemical peelings that perfectly cope with such unpleasant problems as pigmentation, fine lines, acne and enlarged pores. Everybody talks about the wonderful properties of peeling, but no one says how important it is to pay attention to the rehabilitation of the skin, which will strengthen the effect of a chemical solution of acids.

– What is so important about the rehabilitation and why is it necessary to do it?

– As the chemical peeling causes a microtrauma of the epidermal barrier of the skin, swelling, hyperemia (redness of the skin due to dilatation of blood vessels), pruritus and a feeling of «fire» on the skin may persist for an hour after the procedure. Сosmetologist should help the patient to choose the necessary set of cosmetics for skin care at home. Home care plays a huge role in the speed of regeneration processes. Cosmetics should contain moisturizing, soothing, and disinfecting components. Going out should be accompanied by obligatory application of sunscreen on damaged skin with a protective factor (at least SPF-20). The next day after the peeling, the patient feels skin tightness and dryness, and within 3 to 5 days, skin peeling may arise, followed by active rejection of dead cells. That’s the period you need to make a procedure of enhanced rehabilitation, which will calm the skin, create comfortable conditions for the further process of regeneration of new cells, as well as relieve the patient’s psychological stress and allow you to live a normal social life.

– What cosmetic agents are used for this procedure?

– The procedure of enhanced skin rehabilitation and recovery at the Holy Land cosmetology clinic is performed using cosmetic agents for sensitive skin prone to couperose. Since the sensitivity of the skin after peeling increases, we need to keep her safe recovery. Strengthening of vascular walls with a mild form of couperose is also an important goal of this procedure. Fragile and inelastic vascular walls are also stressed after peeling, so the main task of enhanced rehabilitation is to strengthen the capillary walls, protect the skin from environmental hazards and increase the regenerative abilities of young skin cells.

The Holy Land center for aesthetic cosmetology provides the skin recovery procedure after peeling, which is held on the basis of line for sensitive and weakened skin. The line is based on a basic group of ingredients – vitamin K (phytonadione) + vitamin E (tocopherol) + vitamin H (biotin). A powerful antioxidant combination of vitamins can enhance skin metabolism and intracellular respiration, which yield positive results on the ability of skin cells regeneration. This line also contains plant extracts – bioactivated aloe (a form of aloe reinforced with polysaccharides and amino acids), guaiazulene, olive and almond oil, calendula, cornflower, melissa, mallow, lemon peel and panthenol. The line perfectly removes the side effects of the peeling and allows you to live a normal social life, without being distracted by peeling and tightness of the skin.

– If this cosmetic line for the rehabilitation strengthens blood vessels, is it possible to treat the couperose using it constantly?

– Unfortunately, it is not completely curable, but it is possible to strengthen the thin wall of the vessel, which is devoid of elasticity, and stop the further progression of the disease. Everything should work together: good nutrition, no bad habits, minimal stress in everyday life, correct home care and healthy sleep. Specialists of the Holy Land clinic will be glad to help you to choose a delicate home care that will maintain any type of skin in normal condition.

– How is the rehabilitation procedure carried out at the Holy Land aesthetic cosmetology center?

– Many years’ experience of our specialists does not allow us to doubt the high effectiveness of the enhanced rehabilitation after such traumatic procedures as medium depth peeling. Consultation before any cosmetic procedure is a very important stage. On an individual consultation our specialists voice the algorithm of the entire procedure: what consequences to expect, what is contraindicated, and what is desirable to do to increase the effectiveness of the procedure. After the peeling, our specialists recommend visiting an additional rehabilitation procedure, which speeds up the healing process and eliminates the appearance of adverse reactions. Enhanced rehabilitation is as comfortable as possible. During the procedure, massage techniques are used using agents that restore the barrier layer.

Pleasant atmosphere, comfortable procedure and care of our specialists give rise to a positive mood and a desire to return again to the Holy Land clinic!