Massage at the Holy Land clinic


Facial massage today is the leader among preventive procedures in aesthetic clinics. Massage is favorite for the opportunity to relax, get your head straight and enhance the skin. And this procedure is loved by those who are very afraid of injections, but still want to see the visible effect of rejuvenation in the mirror.

– What types of massage are there?

– If we point out the main therapeutic methods of influence on the skin and facial muscles, we can distinguish:

  • Hardware techniques
  • Manual

Hardware and manual techniques have certainly won their love among clients, but there is still a difference between them.

– Why are hardware massages so good?

– Hardware facial massage is popular due to its deeper effect on certain skin problems and features. Whether it is a laser technique, microcurrents, ultrasound or light waves – everything penetrates much deeper and works more effectively.

Let us consider the most popular hardware massage techniques:

  • LPG massage affects the skin using a special nozzle with a vacuum, where the skin fold is tightened and worked through using massage rollers. In this way, the muscle tissue and subcutaneous tissue of the skin are actively worked out.
  • Ultrasound massage – the main principle is to affect the skin with waves of a certain frequency, which improves the internal metabolism of cells and regenerative processes in the skin.
  • Vacuum massage – using a special nozzle and negative pressure, really wonderful things occurs: powerful lymphatic drainage of the face, eliminating of puffiness under the eyes. During the active work on problem areas («crow’s feet», nasolabial folds, wrinkles on the forehead and neck), we can significantly reduce their depth.

– If hardware techniques are so good, what are the advantages of manual massages?

– Manual techniques are just as good as hardware, because the heat of skilled hands of a cosmetologist magically become many times more effective than any device. Of course, this is due to the boundless trust in your favorite cosmetologist. Plenty of manual massage techniques today allow us to replace injection and hardware techniques with classic manual massage.

Some of the most effective:

  • Lymphatic drainage massage – smooth and gentle movements of the specialist’s hands produce a slow movement of stagnant lymph through the skin to the lymphatic drainage nodes. After the first procedure, you can notice an apparent lymphatic drainage of the face, reducing puffiness, a fresher and more rested appearance.
  • Spanish massage, called Chiromassage – there is a deep impact not only on the muscles and fibers, but also on the nervous system. During the Chiromassage procedure, there is a complete relaxation, which also directly affects our skin quality. During complete relaxation, the cosmetologist works on the muscles of the face and neck, while improving the flow of blood and lymph.
  • Japanese Kobido massage – the oldest massage technique that has retained its power to the present day. Kobido massage is indeed a myofascial massage. Due to active movements with plucking elements, a powerful toning effect of the massage occurs, tightening the oval of the face.
  • Relaxing massage is one of the most popular methods for those who have chronic fatigue, insomnia, long-term stress and just want to relax for a few hours. The main task is to eliminate the clamps and muscle blocks and relieve psychoemotional stress.

– Which facial massage is best for pregnant women?

– Relaxing massages are suitable for pregnant ladies, providing positive and rested mood. In no case plucking and painful techniques are not used.

– Is massage at home as effective as in the salon?

– There are special massage movements that can be easily repeated at home, applying serum or cream. Thus, it is possible to influence both the muscles and the deeper penetration of the active cosmetic agent. In our clinic, specialists will be happy to teach the basic massage movements, which can be easily repeated at home, but the miracle of such a massage, of course, is not worth waiting for. The cosmetologist during the procedure is in the position where you can work out the muscles of the face and neck as effectively as possible.

– Why do people choose massage at the Holy Land clinic?

– Firstly, our specialists never stand still and constantly improve their skills in the field of massage (and not only) techniques. Secondly, the massage is performed using a mask or active cream, which improves the condition of not only the muscles, but also the skin. After the procedure, we will be happy to treat our dear clients with delicious tea or coffee, which in addition to the massage will set up a great mood.