Teenagers without complexes


At puberty, more hormones begin to be produced. It leads to increased production of sebum, oily shine and clogged pores.

Face skin washing is an important stage in the care of problem skin. Buy your child a mild cleanser.

Next, it is best to use an acid tonic. But make sure that before using it, the teenager thoroughly washes the face, without missing this stage.

Include an enzyme peeling in the care, once a week is enough. Perhaps your child will resist, then you should show the difference before and after.

The next stage is a gel / cream for the face with an antibacterial complex.

Remember that the most important thing in the cleansing of the skin is the regularity of procedures!

You should not give up everything at the first improvements.

The sooner you teach your children to take care of their face, the less complexes they will have.

The best option would be to make an appointment with a professional dermatocosmetologist, who will assess the gravity of the situation and choose the right care.