How to care for your skin on sunny days


1. 20 minutes before going outside we have to put sunscreen on.

Sun Sunbrella SPF 36 – contains filters from UVA and UVB rays. It is well absorbed, slightly mattifies the skin.

2. Age CC cream SPF 50 – has different shades, a light cream is suitable on very hot days.

3. Creams with a light texture are perfect for moisturizing and nutrition:

  • Bio repair day cream
  • Renew hydro soft
  • C success day cream

Apply them daily. Our skin of any type needs hydration.

Drink more water and try not to be in the direct sunlight.

4. Stop using deep peeling procedures until the autumn.

5. Use SPF 30 in the city, and outside the city-SPF 50.

6. Don’t ignore regular skin care.

After a long winter, it needs protection and your care!

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