Botulinum therapy at the Holy Land clinic


Laughter, joy, irritation, surprise – it all surrounds us every day. But while these emotions beautify our everyday life, then they will leave their mark on the skin over the years, and not always the best-looking. The depth of facial lines, first of all, depends on the individual muscle structure and lifestyle.

In cosmetology, for the face area is used botox type A, which attacks the nerve impulse supplied from the nerve ending to the muscle. As a result, the muscle does not deform or atrophy, as many opponents of this procedure like to think, but only relaxes and stops being so active. Muscle work is suspended, wrinkles are gradually smoothed out, and even if there is an active surprise – a mark on the forehead is not formed.

– Botulinum toxin is a toxin, so is it a poison? Why then is it generally used and not prohibited?

– The alchemist of his time, Paracelsus, said: «All medicines are poison. Their dosage makes them medicines. » This expression is suited exactly to the favorite botulinum toxin in cosmetology. When botox is injected for cosmetic purposes, a small dosage of the agent is used, which is absolutely safe for the human body. Botulinum therapy in neurology (for example, botox injections for migraines) involves many times higher dosages. A small volume of the toxin is injected subcutaneously and works directly at the injection site.

– What are the additional functions of botox injection?

– This procedure can edit not only the muscle work, but also suspend the work of the sweat glands in such an unpleasant phenomenon as hyperhidrosis (hyperhidrosis – excessive sweating). This procedure is performed on all areas where there is the greatest accumulation of sweat glands. Botox injections in the palms and armpits are painless, with special sensitivity to pain, our specialists treat the injected area with an anesthetic.
Ботулинотерапия в Holy Land

– Is it true that the muscle after botox completely atrophies?

– No, the injectable muscle is fine, it does not atrophy and does not lose its ability to 100%, we just help it to «rest» and relax a little. Of course, this applies to such a phenomenon as hypertonic muscle.
The first procedure of botox administration is most often used to eliminate «crow’s feet». The periorbital zone is one of the first to be covered with small facial lines, so most often botulinum toxin injection procedures begin with the correction of the area around the eyes. In our clinic, qualified beauticians apply a competent technique of botulinum toxin treatment on the principle of the «whole face». That is, not a certain group of muscles relaxes, but the face completely, creating a harmonious and moderate work of the muscle structure without hypertonus.

– I’m very afraid of pain. Is the botox injection painful?

– As has been said before, if there is a special sensitivity to pain, our specialists will spare the client and apply an anesthetic gel to relieve the sensitivity during the procedure. Injections are carried out with the thinnest needles, after which there is no trace. Reference to the procedure can be made only by the remaining small papule, which reabsorbed within an hour. There are no bruises or extravasations left.

– What cosmetic agent do you recommend for the first procedure?

– In order to solve this issue, the doctor has to examine the patient, and based on the results, choose one of the agents that will be most effective. Today, the best agents are Xeomin (Germany) and Disport (France). The difference between the agents is that Xeomin copes much better with active muscles and stops selectively, leaving facial expressions «alive». It is great for the muscles of the forehead, the inter-brow area and the lower third of the face. Disport is excellent in the treatment of hyperhidrosis, correction of «crow’s feet» and hypertonic muscles of the forehead. However, all issues are resolved individually in consultation with a doctor.

– Why the Holy Land clinic?

– Long experience and a good hand (according to our client’s feedback) make the botulinum therapy procedure as effective and comfortable as possible. Consultation with our doctors leaves no doubt that the Holy Land clinic can be trusted and come again and again.

Certified and high-quality agents, qualified doctors and a brilliant result make it possible to find exactly the right clinic where you can stop time without a doubt and enjoy your own perfection.