Correction of the middle third of the face at the Holy Land clinic


Today, no one will be surprised by lip enhancement, or the ability to relax too active muscles with botulinum toxin. But cosmetology did not stop there! There is an opportunity to change your appearance radically: to add the necessary volume to the face, to harmonize the features and return to its former freshness, but do not «go under the terrible knife» of a plastic surgeon. And all this can be done by a cosmetologist, in the shortest time and without rehabilitation!

Facial contouring with fillers is a truly wonderful procedure, because as a result, the patient gets the opportunity to:

  • Look 10-15 years younger;
  • Make up for lost volume;
  • Enjoy your reflection in the mirror again.

– Where is this «middle third of the face» and why does it lose its beauty?

– The middle third of the face is the area that we look at communicating with the interlocutor. The middle third of the face is in the area of the eyes, cheekbones and nasolabial folds. That is the part most attractive at a young age, when the tissues have the maximum volume (thanks to subcutaneous fat), the bone structure is intact, and the gravitational ptosis has not yet touched the charming young face. Unfortunately, it does not always last. At a certain point, there is a thinning of subcutaneous fat, after sagging of more superficial tissues, and in the end, we have deep nasolabial folds, drooping of the outer corners of the eyes and eyebrows, flat cheeks, the appearance of flews and the drooping of corners of the lips. It all together shows a picture of a very tired, sad and rueful person. And it is just a loss of volume! The whole situation is aggravated by decalcification of the bone tissue of the skull, that makes the eye area sunken. Also, the muscle tone is lost, which can’t handle gravity and severe tissue prolapse.

Modeling cheekbones with fillers is suitable not only for those who have already encounter age changes, but also for young people who have not received a gift from nature in the form of voluminous and high cheekbones. Modeling of the middle third of the face is popular mainly among people of Slavic appearance. The average aging begins with the eyes, cheekbones and nasolabial folds.

– What are the types of correction of the middle third of the face?

– There are several types of correction, but we will focus on the main and most effective.

  1. Modeling the middle third using a gel filler based on hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is synthesized by our body, that’s why an inflammatory reaction and complications are excluded after the procedure. The correction of soft tissue and deep creases have comparative advantages. It biodegrades in the body within six months or a year.
  2. Correction using calcium hydroxyapatite base filler. This substance is also not alien to the human body, because calcium hydroxyapatite is present in bones and tooth enamel. It behaves well after the introduction, retains its shape and models a smooth relief. The advantage of its use – further provoking the synthesis of collagen and elastin. It perfectly copes with the problem of shapeless cheekbones and underdeveloped lower jaw. It remains in the body up to two years.
  3. Thread lifting – if the previous methods of modeling the face are quite possible to do without anesthesia, the threads for lifting soft tissues are always introduced under local anesthesia. The way it works is as follows: biodegradable threads of caprolac and polylactic acid are introduced at a certain angle subcutaneously. There are small «teeth» on the threads, which will create maximum skin lifting when the material is biodegraded. The procedure is not the most pleasant and painless, so it requires a long preparation and moral adjustment of the patient to the procedure. The validity period is 2.5-3 years.
    Each method has its own characteristics and indications, so before you decide to correct the middle third of the face, you need to consult with a cosmetologist.

– I saw online that during the correction of the middle third of the face, a huge needle is inserted into the skin. Isn’t it painful?

– You are right, the procedure is not like a relaxing massage, but the procedure does not bring strong pain. The cosmetic agent is administered not with a pointed needle, as it may seem, but with a cannula. The cannula is a flexible needle with a rounded end, the size usually varies from 25-50 mm (depending on the insertion zone). The cosmetic agent is fed from a small needle hole, which is located at the base of the rounded side. Due to the rounded blunt end of the needle, there is no subcutaneous tissue rupture, but their extension and introduction of the agent into the resulting space. The cannula moves at the level of the subcutaneous tissue, slides slowly and does not break small capillaries and nerves, which makes the procedure as safe as possible. The cannula gets into the skin using a deliberately made micro-puncture, and it is probably the only painful part of the procedure. Even after the procedure, the patient does not feel discomfort, there is only a slight hyperemia in the area of administration and swelling, which vanishes within 24 hours.

– How is the procedure for correcting the middle third of the face performed at the Holy Land clinic?

– The procedure is performed quickly, effectively and with minimal pain! The Holy Land clinic is one of the first in Moldova to start the procedure for the correction of the middle third of the face.

The rich experience of our doctors for many years helps to harmonize the facial features of patients and suspend time, at least for a little.

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