Revival skin program at the Holy Land clinic


Professional cosmetics Holy Land has in its arsenal cosmetic products for all ages and skin types. Plenty of cosmetic series allows each client of our clinic to get a full-fledged and individual salon skin care, which can be supplemented with competent home care (on the recommendation of cosmetologists). In addition to an individual approach to each client, revival skin program has been developed that solves a number of problems and it is an excellent prevention of skin aging. This program is especially suitable for those who do not have the opportunity to come to the salon from time to time for skin care procedures, but still want to take care of health.

The program includes 7 procedures that help with the least injury of the skin to achieve the following results:

  • Increasing elasticity and turgor;
  • Improving skin color and texture;
  • Strengthening the vascular network and slowing down the progression of couperose;
  • Decreasing of age-related changes.

Revival skin program is effective due to the use of peels with different concentrations of acids and rehabilitation procedures. Ideally to conduct a course of procedures in the cold season in order to avoid such unpleasant effects as the sensitivity of the renewed skin to UV rays (hyperpigmentation).

– What procedures are included in the program?

– Revival skin program is ideally designed for any type of skin that is already showing the first signs of aging. It is also effective for correcting the uniformity of color and relief. The right order of procedures does not cause the skin to experience additional stress.

The program includes the following procedures:

  1. Preparatory stage – atraumatic cleansing of the skin. Cleansing involves exfoliation of dead cells from the surface of the epidermis for the next steps of the program to show their maximum effectiveness. This cleansing does not cause intense redness and discomfort.
  2. 5 days later, after preparing the skin for the program, the procedure is performed with the main ingredient in the form of a peeling serum ABR Premium Peel. Due to the rich combination of AHA + BHA + retinol, the upper layers of the skin are loosened and the active ingredients in the serum part of the cosmetic agent (green tea extract, papain, pomegranate, fig, pumpkin) are penetrated. In the composition, you can also find vitamin C in two forms: L-ascorbic acid and magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, which strengthens the vascular network, lightens pigmentation and provides powerful antioxidant protection. After the second procedure of the program, you can see a powerful lifting and reducing of wrinkles.
  3. After 3 days it is necessary to make the rehabilitation procedure in order to avoid intensive peeling. This stage includes a relaxing procedure using a highly effective series for sensitive skin with a rich composition: vitamin E, panthenol, plant extracts (broccoli, licorice, hamamelis), Bifidobacterium lysate. Rehabilitation will help the internal functions of the skin to prepare for the next procedure – peeling.
  4. ABR Premium Plus-the enhanced effect of the procedure is achieved by using two peels in succession. Preparation of skin is done by using the superficial peeling – Alpha Complex Rapid Exfoliator. Peeling Alpha Complex with fruit acids lead to deeper penetration of the next peeling serum. After the procedure, there may be a feeling of tightness and peeling, which can be eliminated during the compulsory rehabilitation procedure.
  5. The next stage is rehabilitation, which is done through 3 days. At this stage, it is necessary to calm the stimulated skin with signs of flaking. The rehabilitation procedure described above repeats, and it is supplemented with classic massage techniques for deeper penetration of the moisturizing and restoring components of the series.
  6. 7 days later, after the skin recovery, the peeling procedure is performed. Peeling from the Age Control Super-lift series with phytoestrogens strengthens the already visible effect of «polishing» and lifting the skin. The composition of the series is abounds in plant extracts (spirulina, red grape seeds, hamamelis, green tea), there is an increase of lymph drainage and correction of photo – and chrono-aging.
  7. Procedure that complete the program is performed in 7 days. It includes a combination of surface fruit peeling and the use of restorative agents. Thanks to the last procedure, the already visible effect of the revival skin program is fixed.

After passing the proposed program, the skin becomes more elastic, smoother, wrinkles are less noticeable and the skin color is more evenly. The synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers is enhanced, and all metabolic processes work normally.