A-NOX line – a solution for problem skin


A-NOX line has been developed specifically for problem skin, it perfectly copes with the treatment and prevention of severe and moderate forms of acne. This line has already become the «best friend» of our clients with oily skin.

Advantages of the line:

  • absorption of excess sebum, which is a favorable environment for the development of bacterial flora;
  • improvement of blood microcirculation;
  • resolution of deep inflammation;
  • narrowing of the pores;
  • disinfection;
  • elimination of repeated inflammatory reactions.

A-NOX SUGAR SOAP – cleanser with saccharose and lemon juice.
A-NOX FACE LOTION is a warming lotion.
A-NOX SOLUTION – an agent that can dissolve the contents of papules and cysts. Especially for more comfortable use at home, there is an analog with a smaller concentration – SUPER LOTION.
A-NOX MASK – a mask that shrink pores with isopropyl alcohol, salicylic acid, kaolin and zinc oxide.
A-NOX HYDRATANT CREAM – a moisturizing cream.
A-NOX DRYING LOTION – drying solution for spot application.

A-NOX line has already won over the hearts of representatives of oily and problem skin.