AGE CONTROL – a line that can restore the former youth of the skin


Estrogens are female sex hormones that provide normal synthesis of protein structures in the skin, blood circulation and moderate work of the sebaceous glands, which together affect the appearance of the skin. Most often, age-related changes begin as a result of significant decrease in estrogen in the female body. AGE CONTROL line with plant analogues of female hormones is prescribed in order to correct the external manifestations of the lack of estrogens.

AGE CONTROL SUPER-LIFT –  a serum that combines the action of peeling

AGE CONTROL FIRMING SERUM – a serum with a high concentration of phytoestrogens.

AGE CONTROL RENEWAL CREAM  a light texture moisturizer that can fit absolutely any skin type after 40 years.

AGE CONTROL LOTION – lotion + serum with lifting effect.

AGE CONTROL REBUILDING GEL – moisturizing gel with phytoestrogens.

AGE CONTROL ULTRA LIFT a complex of ampoule concentrates gathered in 1 preparation.

The whole AGE CONTROL line has been with us for a very long time and pleases our beloved clients and customers. Its effectiveness has been proven more than once by public figures, who must always and everywhere look great. The line is also loved by those who often attend social events, because if it is necessary to make yourself presentable in the shortest possible time, but, for example, before that, the cosmetologist’s salon has not been visited for a long time. The line is loved not only for its instant lifting, but also for its cumulative effect, which pleases owners of AGE CONTROL agents for a very long time.