JUVELAST – the perfect solution for skin that needs nutrition support


«It is the joy to have normal skin! » – most often, the representatives of oily and dry skin think so. Yes, of course you won’t envy them, but each type of skin has its advantages. If one person in five faced increased skin oiliness during puberty, then dry skin is a rarer phenomenon.

Dry skin:


+ no/few inflammatory elements;
+ matte velvet;
+ invisible pores and black spots;
+ it feels comfortable in the summer while excessive work of the sebaceous glands.


– persistent feeling of tightness and irritation;
– peeling;
– high risk of bacterial flora joining due to violation of the integrity of the barrier layer of the skin;
– dull skin color;
– early appearance of wrinkles;
– a fine network of wrinkles appears with age – a finely wrinkled type of aging.

As we can see, this type of skin has fewer advantages. With the right home care in combination with salon treatments, dry skin can get rid of these ill-fated disadvantages. Just for dry skin we offer our copper peptide and beloved line – JUVELAST. The line has absolutely all features which are so essential for depleted dry skin.

Representatives of dry skin who are tired of small wrinkles and discomfort need the JUVELAST line.

JUVELAST NOURISHING EYE CREAM is a nourishing and regenerating eye cream.

JUVELAST ACTIVE DAY CREAM – a day cream with a moisturizing and nourishing effect.

JUVELAST INTENSIVE NIGHT CREAM is a nourishing and regenerating night cream.

JUVELAST CLEANSING SOAP is a delicate cleansing gel soap.


JUVELAST EYE CONTOUR MASK – mask applicator for the area around the eyes.

JUVELAST NOURISHING MASK – a nourishing mask for dry skin restoring.

JUVELAST NUTRI DROPS – oil concentrate for restoring dry skin.

Every skin has its advantages and disadvantages, but we don’t choose which skin to live with. We can only help it feel more comfortable by giving it only that it really needs. JUVELAST line can give the genuine care to dry and sensitive skin.