VITALISE – a line for dry skin with hyaluronic acid and a fascinating fragrance


Beauty and health field is developing so rapidly that you just get used to one new thing, as it is replaced by something new and more fashionable. The discovery of hyaluronic acid became a sensation in the field of medicine and cosmetology.

Last century, the positive effect of hyaluronic acid on the skin was discovered. In the field of cosmetology, a new formula has been developed: the better moisturized skin, the younger and more beautiful it looks. Ever since then, every self-respecting beauty and fashion admirer knew about this «elixir of youth», called hyaluronic acid. The production of care cosmetics has also taken up this excellent acid and started to add hyaluronic acid to the moisturizing agents.

Holy Land company did not give up in this direction and created the beloved VITALISE line, the active component of which is hyaluronic acid and sodium hyaluronate. This line is perfect for those who are tired of fighting with dehydration, dryness and reduced skin elasticity.

VITALISE line is able to give you:

  • intensive skin moisturizing and softening;
  • restoration of the hydrolipidic mantle;
  • elimination of fine lines;
  • elasticity, beauty and freshness.

The whole line has an incredibly pleasant and unforgettable fragrance that will follow its owner constantly!

The line includes:

VITALISE MOISTURIZING CREAM – a very light moisturizer with hyaluronic acid;

VITALISE MOISTURE INTENSE SERUM – moisturizing serum with lifting effect;

VITALISE OVERNIGHT MOISTURIZER CREAM – a nourishing and regenerating skin cream during leisure time;

VITALISE ACTIVE EYE CREAM – softening and regenerating cream for the delicate eyelid area;

VITALISE CLEANSER – a gentle and delicate cleanser for dry skin;

VITALISE MOISTURIZING MASK – regenerating and moisturizing mask for dry and dehydrated skin.

After 25 years, the synthesis of hyaluronic acid is significantly reduced in our skin, as evidenced by the appearance of the first wrinkles. We advise you not to despair, but to use the VITALISE line, which makes you fall in love with itself from the first use.