YOUTHFUL – the “youngest” line for youthful and inflammation-prone skin


When we are young, we don’t think much of skin care. Why should we? The skin looks tight, fresh with an excellent turgor, sometimes we notice small pimples here and there, but they usually tend to disappear in a few days. The age range of clients visiting beauty rooms dropped sharply for the last ten years. Earlier, only women with deep wrinkles visited aestheticians, but today, most of the visitors are between 18-40 years old.

Constant information flow promotes women to an active skin care routine already when they turn 25 years, when the synthesis of all the important proteins sufficiently slows down, followed by the process nobody can avoid – the aging.

Skin under 25 years needs some good hydration and protection. Especially the skin, which had to fight acne in the past. Later a young skin after a long term successful fight against acne faces another problem – sensitivity and dehydration, caused by aggressive components and alcohol in anti-inflammatory and anti-comedogenic medications.

As a result, acne is gone, the skin is clear again, but it needs a long-term recovery of its water-lipid barrier.

Holy Land represents you the YOUTHFUL line of skincare products for ladies of the youngest age in the world of cosmetology – 18 to 30 years. This line is based on the active substance, called dragon tree resin. The dragon tree resin provides a powerful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect, which has a great impact on sudden inflammatory elements. Also, these products provide antioxidant, moisturizing and pore-minimizing effects, which is perfect for the restoration of a protective mantle of a young skin.

The YOUTHFUL line includes:

YOUTHFUL Soothing Mask – face mask with pore-minimizing, lifting, lightening and refreshing effects;

YOUTHFUL Сream for normal to dry skin – moisturizing cream for the young skin prone to dryness;

YOUTHFUL Сream for normal to oily skin – moisturizing cream for the young skin prone to oiliness;

YOUTHFUL Gel Cleanser – gentle skin cleanser.

The YOUTHFUL line does its job perfectly: it normalizes the activity of sebaceous glands, provides antioxidant protection, reduces pores and lightens post-acne pigmentation, as well as moisturizes and restores the dehydrated skin.

It would be a mistake to think you need help from a cosmetologist only when your face is covered in wrinkles. Please note, a good aesthetician can actually help you but don’t expect wonders and that you will suddenly look ten years younger.

We highly recommend you not wait and start the qualified skincare routine today. Thanks to professional skincare with Holy Land, you rest assured the quality of your skin is always on top.