AGE DEFENSE – SPF50 + skin glow + moisturizing + skin tone correction in one package


AGE DEFENSE CC Cream SPF 50 – universal cosmetic agent Holy Land, which has been a bestseller for many years.

Top – 5 of its unconditional advantages:

  1. Moisturizing and light texture that is hardly perceptible.
  2. High protection, which is very important for slowing down the skin aging process and the appearance of pigmentation. There is no need to apply firstly a moisturizer before going out, then a sunscreen. Using this cosmetic agent, you can significantly save not only money, but also the time!
  3. The opportunity not to use liquid foundation. It is another advantage of the cream and again savings! You can choose your own color, because there are 2 tones («light» and «medium») of this cosmetic agent. The cream perfectly corrects the skin tone and does not clog the pores.
  4. Light skin gloss, so called «highlighter» effect. This effect is especially loved by representatives of combined or dry skin, who should additionally use shining shades on the protruding parts of the face. You can save money on the highlighter palette!
  5. Comfortable bottle with a dispenser, which significantly prolongs the shelf life and quality of the product. Just one click on the dispenser is enough to apply to the face and neck area.

Age DEFENSE CC Cream exists in two variants:

AGE DEFENCE CC Cream LIGHT SPF 50 is a multi-purpose cream for women with a lighter skin tone.

AGE DEFENSE CC Cream MEDIUM SPF 50 – has identical properties as a lighter variant of the cream. It is perfect for dark-skinned persons.

How often is it possible to find a cosmetic agent that will be universal for everyone, while including so many useful and necessary properties? Our favorite clients are sure that it is possible, and even know where!