AZULENE Line – is a kind of salvation for delicate and dry skin


Chamomile extract is necessary for dry and delicate skin that is prone to seasonal irritations or couperose. It «treats» dry and delicate skin, so it is able to maintain a normal level of moisture in the case of oily and normal skin types, as well as act as a natural antiseptic (that is essential for the treatment of acne).

AZULENE Line is replete with bisabolol, or rather, chamomile extract, which is needed to any skin type and age.

Bisabolol is responsible for such important qualities of an effective care product as:

  • Hypoallergenicity
  • Antiseptic properties
  • Skin cells repair
  • Mollification of irritated skin
  • Aromatic properties

AZULENE LOTION – moisturizing and refreshing lotion with chamomile extract.

AZULENE FACE MILK – gentle milk for dry and delicate skin cleansing.

AZULENE SOAPLESS SOAP – soap-free cleansing agent with bisabolol for delicate skin.

AZULENE DAY CARE is a moisturizing and firming day cream for all skin types.

How often is it possible to find such a universal care line? AZULENE Line contains exclusively natural ingredients and substances extracted from chamomile that restore the main layers of the skin. Of course, the human eye cannot see the integrity of the deep layers of skin, but even with the slightest dryness or irritation, we strongly recommend this line.