BIO REPAIR – restoration and hydration for all ages


Quite often, we don’t even notice how much stress our skin is experiencing. However, it is worth thinking about all the factors that surround it: ecology, UV rays, psychological stress, irrational nutrition and non-compliance with water and drinking regime during the day. These negative phenomena are harmful to skin cells, because we do not have the ability to clean the skin from dust every hour, do not always apply sunscreen and can’t always control negative emotions. We strongly recommend using the BIO REPAIR line to start your discovery of the perfect Holy Land cosmetics.

If a person does not consume enough clean water during the day after stress, does not use sunscreen, and does not follow the rules of make-up remover, then the skin becomes especially vulnerable and exhausted. To help its functioning, we recommend BIO REPAIR line, which is composed of restoring and antioxidant substances.

The whole BIO REPAIR line is aimed at in-depth regeneration of skin cells at all levels, as well as at normalization of cell proliferation.

BIO REPAIR GEL CLEANSER – foaming gel for cleansing the skin.

BIO REPAIR DAY CARE – moisturizing and soothing cream.

BIO REPAIR CELLULAR FIRMING GEL – restoring and moisturizing gel.

BIO REPAIR NIGHT CARE – night moisturizer.

BIO REPAIR EYE & NECK CARE is a specially developed cream for the delicate skin of the eyelids and neck.

BIO REPAIR SPECIAL TONER is a restorative and refreshing lotion.

BIO REPAIR CREAM MASK is a nourishing mask based on a moisturizing complex.

BIO REPAIR CONCENTRATE OIL – oil regenerating concentrate.

BIO REPAIR CLEANSING EMULSION – a tool for cleansing any type of skin that is prone to dryness and sensitivity.

Our skin is under a lot of stress, because it, as a faithful defender, does not pass pathogens and dirt particles deep into the skin. At this difficult moment, the beautiful and multipurpose BIO REPAIR line comes to help. After one purchased jar of cream from the BIO REPAIR line, great and eternal love to a biggest beauty begins, called Holy Land!