CALM DERM – the most gentle line for skin prone to dermatitis


Nowadays, there is a lot of factors that may «fail» our body and consequences that will not always please you. Ecology, nutrition, stress and heredity – these factors, unfortunately, do not always depend only on ourselves. At a certain point, all of our lives can change dramatically, for example, if suddenly there is a disease in the form of chronic dermatitis. That chronic dermatitis will step on the heels giving no peace of mind, and what’s worse – it will affect the self-esteem and mood of its owner. Holy Land takes care of absolutely every person, whether it is a whim to remove a small wrinkle, or to make life easier for a person with a skin disease. The CALM DERM line is just the salvation. It aims to normalize the internal functions of the skin at all levels, which gradually improves both the appearance and its health.

The main problems that the CALM DERM line can help with are:

  • Couperose (rosacea);
  • Seborrhea;
  • Psoriasis;
  • Atopic dermatitis.

The composition included all the necessary components that can prolong the remission phase of the disease and facilitate the period of relapse.

CALM DERM SEBO RELIEF – cream for skin prone to seborrheic dermatitis.

CALM DERM CLEANSER – a gentle cleansing emulsion for skin prone to couperose, rosacea and hypersensitivity.

CALM DERM SERUM is a moisturizing and soothing serum for skin prone to couperose.

CALM DERM BALM – a light restoring balm for dry and irritated skin prone to couperose.

CALM DERM REDNESS RELIEF – restoring cream for the manifestations of any stage of couperose.

CALM DERM ATOPIC RELIEF – cream for dry, sensitive and irritated skin prone to atopic dermatitis.

CALM DERM PSORELIEF – cream to relieve the psoriasis and severe peeling.

Skin is a very delicate and sensitive organ. For its normal functioning, it is not enough to have a full set for home care. Main effect on the skin has both the internal workings of the body and the psychoemotional state. In this case, we strongly recommend you to lead a quiet lifestyle and choose high-quality cosmetics!