DERMALIGHT – lightening and glow of the skin


Pigmentation – at least one young lady or woman has suffered from this phenomenon, because there is a direct relationship between the functions of our skin and UV rays, as well as hormonal balance during the formation of pigmentation spots. Complicated system of melanogenesis lies in the deep layers of the skin. Due to a small «micro-break» in the synthesis of melanin, there is an abnormal transfer of melanin to the surface of the epidermis, which causes the appearance of more tanned spots called hyperpigmentation.

Many factors influence on the appearance of hyperpigmentation:

  • Old age («senile pigmentation»);
  • Prolonged exposure to the sunlight without protective preparations;
  • Hormonal imbalance (more often during pregnancy – chloasma).

Pigmentation does not have serious consequences and it is not dangerous, but there is a desire to mask it with decorative cosmetics. The manufacturers of Holy Land cosmetics took care of that and created a unique formula for lightening of hyperpigmentation – the DERMALIGHT line. It includes a range of components that inhibit the active synthesis of melanin, which stops the further development of pigmentation and its darkening. However, do not expect results after the first application. It is necessary from 2 to 3 months to normalize the work of melanogenesis. If you could just be patient and go honestly this long, but the right way, you can finally see the chic lightening effect of those spots that are already so tired of correcting.

DERMALIGHT CLEANSER is a soft and delicate skin cleanser.

DERMALIGHT ACTIVE ILLUMINATING CREAM is an active lightening cream.

DERMALIGHT ILLUMINATING SERUM is a highly active serum for lightening pigment spots.

*Redness of the skin is quite frequent when using this serum for the first time. This should not be afraid, because Niacinamide (vitamin B3) in the composition contributes to a temporary increase of blood circulation in the skin. In this case, it is necessary to reduce the use of serum in the amount of 2 times a week, each week increasing the frequency of use.

DERMALIGHT LIGHTENING MASK – a nourishing mask with a lightening effect.

DERMALIGHT DARK CIRCLE CORRECTIVE EYE CREAM –cream for lightening the periorbital zone.

Absolutely all the surrounding and internal processes affect the quality of our skin. Often it was possible to see how a cosmetologist, like a certain clairvoyant, could determine the presence of gastrointestinal diseases, pregnancy, acne in adolescence, or a dislike of home care by the appearance of the skin. Pigmentation also helps the specialist determine whether it is related to internal hormonal disfunctions, or whether it is the result of a love of tanning and satiation of the skin with UV rays. In any case, the solution will be only one – the use of the miracle lightening cosmetics DERMALIGHT.