DOUBLE ACTION – gentle treatment of seborrheic skin and early onset of acne


Double Action line, like the medicines in the first-aid kit, will come to help the minute when getting the ill-fated pimple before an important event. Holy Land can present the whole line of such agents that can eliminate the problems of both teenagers and adults caused by sudden-onset inflammatory elements. The DOUBLE ACTION line is designed taking into account the deep penetration of agents that eliminate the inflammatory element of various kinds.

DOUBLE ACTION is enriched with sulfur and zinc oxide, so it can solve several problems at once:

  • Initial stage of acne;
  • Seborrheic dermatitis;
  • Disinfection of skin prone to inflammatory reactions;
  • Normalization of the sebaceous glands.

The line can be used since the beginning of the first pimples appearance (11-12 years).

DOUBLE ACTION SOAPLESS SOAP – soap with ichthyol for problem skin.

DOUBLE ACTION FACE LOTION – cooling alcohol lotion.

DOUBLE ACTION DRYING LOTION is a two-phase suspension for point application.

DOUBLE ACTION DRYING LOTION DEMI MAKE UP is a suspension with a tone, which was created for those who forgot to apply the agent at night, and the event is about to come.

DOUBLE ACTION MASK – mask for the treatment of moderate to severe acne.

DOUBLE ACTION POWDER is a light powder based on plant extracts.

At the moment of sudden appearance of a pimple, we recommend not be upset, smile, control the nutrition, care for the skin at home, listen to the recommendations of a cosmetologist and choose DOUBLE ACTION!