FUSION3 – a line to correct age-related changes of the facial skin, neck and decollete


The information that the skin condition of the neck and decollete give out a woman’s age is as old as time. However, the relevance of the search for that very agent for the delicate skin of these areas is still preserved. Turns of the head, wrong position during sleep, insufficient moisturizing and anatomical feature of the thin neck platysma – literally everything is against the beauty and prolongation of youth of the facial skin, neck and decollete. But! You probably already guessed that the all-powerful Holy Land is ready to cope with this task.

Of course, we will not be able to turn back the time, but the FUSION3 line will be able to strengthen the skin of 3 zones at once (face + neck + decollete) for a long time. The line is perfect because it includes a complex of natural and active plant components.

FUSION3 LOTION – moisturizing + nourishing + lifting lotion with serum properties.

FUSION3 DAY CORRECTION EMULTION – day emulsion for face, neck and decollete skin.

FUSION3 EYE CARE is a cream for the delicate skin around the eyes.

FUSION3 NECK & DECOLETTE CREAM – intensive cream for the neck and decollete.

Maybe someone’s age can be calculated by the state of the facial skin, neck and decollete, but our customers and clients can be proud that they look much younger than their biological age. Holy Land gladly helps in achieving this goal, and the FUSION3 line has proven this time and again.