GINSENG & CARROT – the line, that protects the skin from negative external influences


Nowadays a modern woman has to be healthy, beautiful, employed and at the same time send out a lot of positive emotions. If so much effort is spent on everything, then there is very little time left for health. The skin suffers first and foremost, and becomes pale, with wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes. We want to offer all possible help in the form of a storehouse of vitamins, antioxidants, energy, regeneration in just one cosmetic line GINSENG & CARROT.

It would seem that the line includes only 2 active ingredients – ginseng and carrot extract. BUT! They play a huge role in the restoration processes of our skin + are supplemented with other plant extracts. Within 2 weeks of using this line, you can notice an improvement of the skin quality, elimination of ptosis and the appearance of «tired» skin, and even normalization of skin color.

GINSENG & CARROT LOTION – refreshing + lifting + lifting serum-lotion.

GINSENG & CARROT CREAM – moisturizing and refreshing cream.

GINSENG & CARROT OIL is a nutritious oil concentrate.

GINSENG & CARROT MASK – nourishing mask.

GINSENG & CARROT line is able to refresh and improve the appearance of the skin immediately after application. But most importantly that it is able to increase her immunity and the ability to resist all the negative effects that can worsen her appearance. Even if a modern woman has very little time to take care of herself, buying at least one agent of the GINSENG & CARROT line, it can restore freshness and rested appearance literally after the first application.