LACTOLAN line – moisturizing + cleansing + lightening + renewal of the skin – the main advantages of the line with a pure milk composition


Holy Land has developed the LACTOLAN enzymatic mask – the very mask that contains natural proteins and caseinate and that everyone knows and adores.

The mask is able to give its owner:

  1. cleansing;
  2. alignment;
  3. hydration.

This mask can replace the whole salon procedure at home, because its effect is visible after the first application. It contains only natural and processed by a complex method of centrifugation milk enzymes. The naturalness of the composition is indicated exclusively by the milk-yoghurt aroma. The LACTOLAN mask can not only significantly improve the quality of the skin in just one application, but also calm irritated and traumatized skin. In our clinic, no one procedure takes place without this enzymatic mask, as it is able to prepare the skin for deeper penetration of active ingredients.

LACTOLAN mask main properties:

  • Moisturizing and moisture retention in the skin;
  • Normalization of the skin pH;
  • Recovery from traumatic procedures or sunburn;
  • Cleansing the skin from dead cells;
  • Cell renewal and prevention of age-related changes in the skin;
  • Strengthening of local immunity of the skin.

Holy Land cosmetics production technology is based on the exceptional naturalness of agents, universality and effectiveness for any skin type.