Line for active eyelid skin care – EYE THERAPY


Note, that almost all emotions involve our eyes: surprise, pleasure, sadness, suspicion. What to say about every second contractions of the periorbital muscle that reproduce blinking. Especially those who neglect to wear glasses in case of poor vision or sunny weather have the hyperactive muscle. That is why the earliest age-related changes are occurred on the skin around the eyes.

The line contains an essential complex of substances that can strengthen and improve the most delicate skin condition:

EYE THERAPY EYE CONTOUR BALM – a light moisturizing balm for delicate eye skin.

EYE THERAPY SOOTHING EYE MASK – toning and refreshing mask for the skin around the eyes.

We remember about the skin of the periorbital zone too late, only when the first wrinkles appear.

We can say with confidence that there is a wonder agent, and it is the EYE THERAPY line!