MULTIVITAMIN – fortification of the skin with a vessel-strengthening and regenerating effect


Due to the constant flow of information from all over, we know, that our body needs this or that vitamin from time to time. The skin, as the largest organ in our body, is also in need of vitamins. If you apply directly to the skin cosmetic agents with a vitamin complex, you can see a faster and better effect. However, most cosmetic companies could not cope with adding the active part of the vitamin to the consistency of a cream or lotion, because the emulsifiers, preservatives and stabilizers surrounding the vitamin can destroy the component of the vitamin. Even though the rich vitamin composition will be written on the label, the desired effect will not be visible.

Holy Land cosmetics manufacturers took this fact into account and seriously thought about it – the skin is more sensitive to vitamins, but in the cream, they are destroyed. Due to a lot of thought, Holy Land has a wonderful MULTIVITAMIN line with stable forms of vitamins necessary for the skin. It is very light, fragrant, and most importantly it is fortified line for the skin.

The line contains 5 essential vitamins the skin needs:

  1. Vitamin A (retinol)
  2. Vitamin E (tocopherol)
  3. Vitamin F («fat» vitamin)
  4.  Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid)
  5. Vitamin B7 (biotin)

These vitamins are necessary for the normal functioning of the skin and prolonging its youth. Vitamins can reinforce each other: vitamin C helps restore vitamin E, that creates a powerful antioxidant defense, vitamin F can reinforce all other vitamins in the line.

MULTIVITAMIN SERUM – a multivitamin restoring serum.

MULTIVITAMIN CLEANSING GEL is a gentle and delicate cleanser.

MULTIVITAMIN RICH MOISTURIZING CREAM – a moisturizing multivitamin cream.

In the pursuit of health and beauty, we are ready to buy different vitamin complexes, in hopes of fast transformation. We would like to warn and assure you that uncontrolled use of vitamins, and especially dietary supplements, can not help, but also harm the body. We recommend you to consult your doctor or cosmetologist about the necessary vitamins. If you want to saturate the skin with vitamins, but without harming the body, we strongly recommend the MULTIVITAMIN line, which will help restore the beauty and freshness of the skin.