Out-of-line creams – moisturizing, nutrition and protection by skin type


Holy Land has developed universal agents, based on the most basic reviews and wishes of its customers, that solve a wide range of problems.

Out-of-line Holy Land agents:

PEELING CREAM is an excellent cleansing cream that gently exfoliates dead cells from the skin surface. It is suitable for all skin types and is able to even out the skin texture, lighten and narrow the pores.

NOXIL CREAM – moisturizing cream for oily and problematic skin. The cream has a solid consistency, but surprisingly for the users it does not leave a feeling of grease, and mattifies. Due to its rich composition (eucalyptus, mint and calendula oil), oily and problematic skin gets antibacterial protection.

AVOCADO CREAM – a fragrant moisture cream with avocado oil. It is suitable for combination skin types that are prone to dryness. It perfectly softens and eliminates peeling and discomfort.

FOOT TREATMENT CREAM – a nourishing cream for dry and rough skin of the feet. A cream that can completely change the skin of your feet for the better in just one application. The softening effect and elimination of rough areas are noticeable after the first application.

HAND CARE CREAM – now that there is a foot cream, why not make an effective hand cream. In fact, the skin of the hands is one of the most vulnerable: rough surfactants, micro-cuts, weather conditions, antibacterial disinfectants. The cream perfectly softens the skin of the hands and gives a long-lasting feeling of comfort, creating an invisible barrier on the surface of the skin.

These creams were brought to life thanks to honest reviews of our favorite clients around the world. Holy Land is one of the few companies that really cares about the health and beauty around!