PERFECT TIME – premium peptide line for age-related skin


Let’s imagine a new, soft, snow-white mattress that pleases its owner just to look at it. If it will be run, jumped, spilled drinks, not be changed for years, it will look too unattractive, and the springs in it will be completely broken. The same situation happens with our own skin, if you remember about it very late. One day most lovely ladies look in the mirror and realize that it is necessary not to go, but to run to the cosmetologist. The action against late age-related changes is very difficult and sometimes tiring. We can throw away the mattress and buy a new one, but we have to do a little differently with the skin.

What ingredient should I start with to restore the synthesis of all the necessary fibers? Of course, you should pay attention to the composition, which should contain components such as peptides, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, plant extracts, amino acids and polysaccharides. Especially, you should pay attention to peptides that contribute to the regularization and normalization of all internal structures and syntheses. Peptide chains, like other structures in our skin, weaken over time, so it is extremely important to fill them with cosmetics. Holy Land has developed its premium PERFECT TIME line, which is necessary from the age of 35 to reduce the signs of early aging and prolong the youth of the skin.

The line with peptide complex has all the necessary components to maintain beauty:

  • peptides;
  • amino acids;
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • phytoestrogens;
  • vitamin C;
  • vitamin E.

The rich composition has an extremely positive effect on the quality of the skin, which allows you to not worry about wrinkles and other troubles for a long time.

PERFECT TIME ANTI WRINKLE EYE CREAM – a cream with peptide complex for the eye area.


PERFECT TIME DAILY FIRMING CREAM is a moisturizing day cream.

PERFECT TIME GENTLE GEL SOAP – gel for skin cleansing.

PERFECT TIME FIRMING MASK – tightening and firming mask.

PERFECT TIME ADVANCED FIRM & LIFT SERUM is an intensive serum for the face and neck.

PERFECT TIME NECK & DECOLLETE CREAM – firming cream for the neck and decollete area.

PERFECT TIME line takes into account all the needs of the skin at the age of 35+ and allows you to prepare the «ground» for a beautiful and harmonious skin aging without deep wrinkles and sagging.

PERFECT TIME line – really gives you a great time alone with your skin!