PHYTOMIDE line – active skin nutrition and prevention of the first signs of aging


We all know about such types of skin as combined, oily and dry. Dry skin is one of the rarest.

If the skin shows itself as a dry type, there may be several reasons:

  • genetics;
  • thyroid disease;
  • traumatic cosmetic agents in home care (unsuitable cleanser, alcohol lotion, scrub with large particles, etc.);
  • an abuse of tanning salon and suntan;
  • pregnancy;
  • a sudden temperature changes (the fragility of blood vessels adds to the dryness of the skin);
  • the indoor air is too dry.

When the skin is dry, there is a high probability of bacterial flora addition to the skin, which can lead to deplorable skin condition. Integrity violation of the hydrolipidic mantle is caused by the lack of sebaceous glands secretion, which must be corrected for the normal existence of the skin. Most women who suffer from dry skin use heavy and too greasy creams that create discomfort and unpleasant oily skin.

At such moments, you should not rely on mass market, but rather choose the PHYTOMIDE line, based on plant oils that do not remain on the surface of the skin, but penetrate into the deep layers. High concentrations of oleic and palmitoleic acid, phytosterols, vitamin E, as well as biominerals in the composition restore the normal functioning of sebaceous glands and the integrity of the hydrolipid mantle, smooth small wrinkles and give the skin a healthy shine. The wonderful fragrance of the line and the constant feeling of comfort after application will fall in love with absolutely any dry skin!

PHYTOMIDE ALCOHOL FREE FACE LOTION is an alcohol-free lotion for dry and aging skin.

PHYTOMIDE FOAMING GEL CLEANSER is a gentle skin cleansing gel.

Dry and aging skin, like a delicate flower, needs strong protection in the form of natural oils and plant extracts. Therefore, we recommend the PHYTOMIDE line products that allow you to cope with early age-related changes caused by excessive dryness of the skin.