PROBIOTIC – a line with probiotic complex for dry skin


Our skin is inhabited by microscopic cohabitants (biome), that safeguard our skin and do not allow pathogenic bacteria in it, maintaining the correct pH on the surface. And there are about 19 species of such cohabitants on the skin. It is thanks to them that we do not know problems such as dermatitis and other troubles. But if at least one type of micro-organism suddenly fails, the skin immediately begins to signal problems – rash, itch, spots, dryness, sensitivity, allergic reaction.

Most often, that kind of biome «breakage» is caused due to incorrect home care or external stimuli, namely:

  • agents that contain alcohol in high concentrations contribute to the destruction of membrane both harmful and beneficial microorganisms;
  • high concentrations of retinol and acids in daily or frequent skin care;
  • alkaline soaps, frequent scrubbing and traumatization of the skin;
  • permanent administration of antibiotics;
  • aggressive weather conditions without protective cosmetics (sweltering heat without sunscreen and severe cold without nourishing and dense cream).

Holy Land has created the rescue for skin that has faced such unpleasantness. PROBIOTIC line contains probiotic regenerating complex that promotes the regeneration of damaged skin. Plant components combined with lacto – and bifidobacteria enzymes allow the skin to compensate for barrier function with the necessary microbiome, which will protect the skin from negative factors.

PROBIOTIC 3 IN 1. SOAP, CLEANSER & TONER – a gentle emulsion for delicate cleansing of damaged skin.

PROBIOTIC BALANCING CREAM – restoring and regenerating cream.

PROBIOTIC HYDRATING CREAM – a moisturizing cream for sensitive skin.

PROBIOTIC EYE, LIP & NECK SERUM – a serum for the delicate skin of lips, eyelids and neck.

If it so happens that there are small breakdowns in the functions of the skin, we definitely recommend our «urgent care» – the PROBIOTIC line.