Q10 COENZYME ENERGIZER – delay of aging process and antioxidant skin protection


Our skin cells are stressed every day, but the most important stress is the influence of UV rays. In youth, we try to lie in the sun as long as possible to get a bronze tan, but the cells are vindictive. After 30 years, the skin shows its visible age-related manifestations, which are caused, among other things, by oxidation processes due to sunlight.

*The more we ignore sunscreens when we are young, the more money we will spend on expensive procedures at the cosmetologist in the future!

Especially for forgetful and fussy people, nature has introduced substances into the human body that help to cope with the negative effects of free radicals, leading to a slow but certain killing of youth in the form of photo-aging. One of these substances is ubiquinone, or the well-known antioxidant Q10. After the age of 30, it is recommended to use at least 1 skin care product with ubiquinone to keep the beauty and health of the skin. Holy Land is pleased to provide a line with the powerful antioxidant Q10 COENZYME ENERGIZER, which helps the skin at the first sign of photo-aging to restore and support the work of fibroblasts, which in turn synthesize collagen and elastin in the skin.

Q10 COENZYME ENERGIZER MASK – a nourishing mask enriched with ubiquinone.

Q10 COENZYME ENERGIZER CREAM – moisturizing and nourishing cream with ubiquinone (7%).

Q10 COENZYME ENERGIZER EYE CREAM – cream for delicate eye skin with ubiquinone.

The sooner we will start to help the body with proper care, the longer we will enjoy the youth and beauty of the skin without the cosmetologist. The line Q10 COENZYME ENERGIZER can help you, because it keeps not only youth, but also the health of the skin.