RENEW FORMULA – moisturizing and antioxidant protection for dry and normal skin


Owners of dry and sensitive skin know that they are envied by those who have oily and problematic skin types. But this is based on the principle of «curly girls want straight hair, and girls with straight hair want curly hair». Dry skin also wants to adopt some of the advantages of an oily skin type, but there is one type that is extremely rare and that everyone envies – a normal skin type. People with the normal skin are rewarded with velvety, ruddy and smooth skin that is admired by others. It, like any other skin type, requires careful care to maintain all internal processes, hydration, good nutrition and antioxidant protection.

RENEW FORMULA line was created especially for beauty maintenance and normalization of the dry and normal skin work. It includes active components that protect against negative environmental influences.

The line includes the following agents:

RENEW FORMULA RENEWING MASK – reducing, lightening and restoring mask;

RENEW FORMULA BALANCING SOAP – a delicate cleanser that does not cause dryness and tightness;

RENEW FORMULA HYDRO-SOFT CREAM is a moisturizing cream with antioxidant action;

RENEW FORMULA NOURISHING CREAM – fortified nourishing cream.

Certainly, every girl and woman dreams of perfectly smooth and velvety skin. Such beauty requires constant support and help. High-quality and correctly selected cosmetics, which the Holy Land clinic is happy to provide, will be able to help.