SUNBRELLA line – SPF30 + moisturizing + matte velvety + skin tone leveling in one tube


We all love the sun! Over the years, we understand how important it is to protect your skin from UV rays. In order to prevent the skin from extreme stress due to solar radiation, it is necessary to apply special sunscreen, creating the filter for rays on the skin surface. You need to protect your skin not only just before taking a sun bath, but also in everyday life.

Holy Land looks up to the wishes of beautiful ladies who want everything at once and in one tube: moisturizing + matte skin + skin tone equalization + protection from UV rays. Holy Land was able to combine all these characteristics in a modest tube called SUNBRELLA. Its ability to create a fresh and rested look in combination with full protection and skin care (SPF 30) makes it the most versatile cosmetic agent for any skin type.

SUNBRELLA line includes two types of the cream that will suit absolutely everyone:

SUNBRELLA SPF 30 for lovers of naturalness and porcelain skin tone.

SUNBRELLA DEMI MAKE UP SPF 30 for those who would not refuse a light decorative skin tone equalization.

SUNBRELLA does not need additional moisture and can be used as an independent agent, which is great for a hot summer day. Just one cream can replace 3 other products at once, which have completely different spectrum of action.

We are happy to help our favorite guests and regular customers look great!